Saturday, February 23, 2013

Apple Steamed Have Antidiarrheal Effect

Apple have antidiarrheal effects how to eat it? Nutritious fruit We understand everyone is not for everyone, but the cold characteristics. Some stomach Deficiency, weaker person (such as the elderly, children) to eat not only can not digest absorption, may also diarrhea. May wish to steam the fruit to eat, not only weakened cold performance, but also double the therapeutic effect.
The best suited steamed pears. Pear steamed heat lungs, cough and phlegm role of doubling. The steam can also add other foods or drugs, enhanced efficacy. Among them, the most common to the number of fritillary rock sugar pear: will the pears go nuclear cuts, fritillary, rock sugar together, add appropriate amount of water into the bowl, stew and cook for 15 minutes or so pot soup Chili.
Second, the steamed apple therapeutic effect is also very good. Apple steamed more digestible. Which the pectin boiled, not only can absorb bacteria and toxins, but also the convergence, antidiarrheal effect. Homemade Yurong cream ": Apple with Peel and cut into small pieces (near peel at relatively rich in pectin content, the diarrhea better), into a small bowl and steam for 5 minutes, cool slightly, you can consumption.
In addition, the steam the jujube more digestible, very suitable for the weak stomach. For blood deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, jujube and medlar, eggs can be steamed together. And ordinary people can put dates and yam stew. Specifically: jujube half cut diced yam; Both add cold water and steam; open water, and simmer for 20 minutes.

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